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Anonymous said: I recently saw a post going around tumblr about how someone's OBGYN told them to steer clear of Always brand products because they can cause sensitivity issues and other problems, which bummed me out as I'd recently started using using pads that work REALLY well for me and they're Always. I intend to do research into the matter myself, but I was wondering if you had any feedback on this matter? If there is an issue, is it just with Always or other mass produced pads/tampons too?


ALL disposable pads and tampons are made of some wonky stuff.  There are all sorts of chemicals in the average disposable pad/tampon, things that I don’t want anywhere near my (or your) vagina.  Very few companies list ingredients, so we can’t know exactly what they’re using.  However, I can tell you this: one reason why periods are heavier when you use disposable tampons it that many companies use rayon to increase absorbency.  Rayon actually can cause teeny tiny cuts inside your vagina because of how rough it is, and increase the amount of bleeding.  This also increases your likelihood of an infection.  Rayon loves to harbor bacteria, and when the tampon is removed, bacteria-laden rayon fibers can be left behind in the vagina, increasing the likelihood of Toxic Shock Syndrome or other bacterial infections.

Even though tampons come beautifully packaged in plastic or paper, they’re not sterile.  There’s no saying what they touched in the factory before being packaged. Both pad and tampons are also made with super-absorbent acrylic polymers and gels, bleached pulp or viscose rayon from tree cellulose, and pads have plastic backings, which trap in moisture and bacteria.  Some pads have plastic mesh over the top as well (the part that touches your vulva), which not only is unnecessary plastic exposure, but can irritate your labia and chafe where it touches your thighs.

So, while I don’t think there’s anything specially wrong with Always brand pads, I am always going to suggest that you switch to a reusable or organic method.  I’m all for protecting your sensitive bits.

There are some amazing reusable pads out there.image

Look at those beautiful pads from Party In My Pants!

There are more over at Lunapads - they’re actually having a sale on cloth pads right now.

Don’t forget that if you prefer tampons, you can easily switch to reusables like a menstrual cup or sea sponge, and some people even make reusable tampons by crocheting or rolling up fabric.

I also get a lot of questions from people who want to know if wearing a pantyliner every day is fine.  

It’s the same answer - I would really suggest not using disposable, plastic pantyliners on a daily basis.  Instead, I would switch to a reusable cloth pantyliner (there are some great ones available if you google around, or you can make your own).  

I’m also super excited about this option - Lunapanties

I don’t know if any other brands make similar ones, but basically absorbent gusset panel permanently sewn in, making them an all-in-one replacement for disposable Pads and Pantyliners.  Lunapanties make great everyday underwear, and can also be used for menstrual flow.  They sound awesome to me.

Go check them out!  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Diva Cup! It has been the most wonderful thing ever!! I have also gotten 6 of my friends on Diva Cups, because they are reusable, amazing and super comfy (once you get used to putting them in and pulling them out)!


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relatable posts daily


relatable posts daily

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WIP Sailor Pluto watercolour! #Sailormoon #sailorpluto #fanart #sailorsenshi #watercolor #watercolour #painting #myart #time

WIP Sailor Pluto watercolour! #Sailormoon #sailorpluto #fanart #sailorsenshi #watercolor #watercolour #painting #myart #time

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Anonymous said: to be honest ash, you're a good writer but you're not doing Sister Claire any favors. you took a happy, fun comic and made it sad. you tried to put your own plots where plots don't go. many readers ( I know I read your comments) don't like it. I think maybe you should try to learn more about Yamino's characters before you write then, I think she's just letting you write because she's your girlfriend, but you're turning readers away from her comic like I can't read it anymore, it's bad, sorry ;(



Hi Anon, Yamino here. I know you intended this message for Ash but I feel like I can answer it.

Let’s get a couple facts straight, shall we?

1. Sister Claire has always been sad.  It may have started off with more funny gags and yes, I killed off the entire cast of Sesame Street to have them make cameos as corpses in the catacombs, but if you really think about it, from page one this has been a story set in a war-ravaged land where one poor girl is impregnated without her consent and must learn the scary truth about what’s really going on in her world.  She lives in fear of abuse by the very people meant to be protecting her.  She has no friends except some stray cats she secretly feeds her dinner.  Her only ally and mother figure gets possessed by a monster and put on a witch trial.  This isn’t exactly “Care Bears.”  

I’m the one who set up the story this way, not Ash.  Even now, most of the really horrible things that happen to the characters have come from me.

By contrast, a lot of the warm fuzzy moments people love in the comic and the Missing Moments are largely Ash’s input.  She’s worked really hard to make this story, which would otherwise be disaster piled on disaster, have some lightheartedness to it.  Like baby Claire, and all those warm fuzzy moments everyone gushed over between her and Catharine and all the other nuns.  Like Olga and Jackson’s relationship and development. Like Oscar’s history with Catharine.  Until Ash came along, the nuns’ relationships to each other were really underdeveloped. I have seen nothing but praise for the way she brought new interest and believability to them.

2. Even longtime fans can tell that at its inception, Sister Claire was poorly planned, and as a result the story and the pacing suffered a lot. It was (still is!) my first ever long-form comic project, one that I started when I was still in college, as a class assignment.  I hadn’t really expected to be working on it for over 5 years!  As the time went on, I didn’t want to scrap the comic, so I continued it, but it still suffered from a lot of plot holes and poor planning.  I tend to write from scene-to-scene rather than make plans about the overall plot, and putting in lots of jokes and gags is my comfort zone.  Unfortunately, that does not an epic story make, and SC was quickly shaping up to become epic in scale.  That meant some serious planning and creativity would be needed to fill in all those plot holes and redesign the story to work as an epic while avoiding retconning.  The idea was daunting.

  Enter Ash.  I loved her writing before we were even friends. (That’s how we met!)  She read the comic and gave me a lot of really interesting questions that made me think about certain decisions I’d made.  She considered a lot of aspects that had never even crossed my mind.  She knew my characters as well as I did.  And now, she arguably knows them even better! Jackson, Olga, and Oscar all have much more identifiable voices now.

As a co-creator, she’s done the seemingly impossible- stitched together all these fragments of stories and ideas into a beautiful quilt.  She’s given amazing depth to background characters who were very flat before.  She encouraged a lot of positive developments.  Like what, you ask? Like putting a canon lesbian relationship in the comic and having them kiss on-screen. Like Oscar being trans.  Like her push for more body diversity in new characters.  She’s worked with the tone I created to give more impact to the serious, terrible things that were hinted at on the surface in Book 1. Things that were always there, but largely unexplored.  Maybe the tone has shifted a little from sweeter to more serious and scary, but you could say the same of almost any long-format epic story.  (Harry Potter, anyone?)

Finally, Ash is not my “girlfriend”. She’s my wife.  Yes, literally.  And unfortunately, whether you like it or not, she’s on this team to stay. I also read the comments on our pages, and they are overwhelmingly positive about her writing and the new developments in Sister Claire.   I’m sorry you don’t share their excitement. I, for one, cannot wait for the future updates. 


Before people ask, yes, Ash said it was ok to reply for her. =P


My new #BumperStickers. I may be making a statement…#breastfeedingforall #circumcisionfornone #savingsons #drmomma #statement

My new #BumperStickers. I may be making a statement…#breastfeedingforall #circumcisionfornone #savingsons #drmomma #statement